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Raw Passion Fruit Pots (Vegan & Gluten Free)

Raw Passion Fruit Pots (Vegan & Gluten Free)

By On July 17, 2016

I’m completely in love with these little passion fruit cheesecake pots. I got the idea from the super delicious passion fruit pots I buy from Wholefoods, I love recreating my own healthy… Read More


Nine Amazing Raw Vegan Desserts

By On June 26, 2016

You’ve got to love a raw vegan dessert right? If you haven’t tried to make your own yet here’s some of my favourites to inspire you. Made by super talented recipe creators and bloggers who always amaze… Read More

Roast Cauliflower with Crushed Celeriac and Caper Dressing

Roast Cauliflower with Crushed Celeriac and Caper Dressing

By On June 23, 2016

I’m not sure if I’ve told you yet but I’m training to be a health coach with the amazing Institute for Integrative Nutrition (you can learn more on their YouTube channel) I… Read More


Raw Kiwi Matcha and Lime Cheesecake Slices (Vegan & Gluten Free)

By On June 12, 2016

One of the best parts are being a blogger is getting to try lovely new products like these gorgeous little golden kiwis. So I was excited to get my delivery last Saturday and… Read More

raw lemon cheesecake

Raw Lemon Cheesecake (Vegan & Gluten free)

By On May 15, 2016

I’ve had the best week! To my shock and amazement I won The Soil Association BOOM Award for best food blog of the year…which is such on honour. I couldn’t have been more… Read More

Quick Harissa Lentils with Roast Squash

Quick Harissa Lentils with Roast Squash and Tahini Dressing

By On May 5, 2016

I love cooking and eating, trying new foods and eating really well but like most people I dont have much time to cook for hours every evening. So I’m pretty happy to… Read More

Cashew orange yogurt

Creamy Orange and Vanillia Cashew Yogurt (Vegan)

By On April 23, 2016

Do you miss yogurt? I’ve got to admit I was a total natural yogurt addict and its one of the only things that I miss since my Plant based journey began. But… Read More

Coconut Bounteesers

Coconut Bounteesers (Vegan & Gluten Free)

By On April 20, 2016

Do you ever get inspired to make a recipe and you’ve just got to make it as soon as possible? Sometimes I wake up with a recipe in my mind (yes I’m that… Read More

Beetroot banana blueberry flapjacks

Banana Beetroot Blueberry Flapjacks – Vegan & Gluten Free

By On April 5, 2016

These banana flapjacks are super easy to make, really healthy, juicy & delicious!… Read More

Potato and veg curry

Guest Blogger – Lynn Hoefer’s Potato and Vegetable Curry with Cashews

By On March 26, 2016

I have a very special recipe for you from one of my favourite food bloggers and instagram buddies Lynn @heavenlynnhealthy. The lovely Lynn is from Germany and I love all of her super… Read More

Raw lemon slices

Raw Creamy Lemon and Almond Slices (vegan & gluten free)

By On March 25, 2016

I love lemon; lemony water which I have without fail every morning, super lemony hummus, lemon squeezed into curries and dals, lemon in pretty much everything and I really love these amazingly lemony… Read More

Roast Cauliflower with Edamame and spinach mash

Roast Cauliflower with Edamame And Spinach Mash

By On March 22, 2016

This recipe is yet another delicious way to eat roast cauliflower. As you know cauliflower is one of my favourite veggies as it’s incredibly versitlie – not to mention delicious. I love… Read More

Courgette Pasta with Pesto

Courgette Pasta with Spinach and Kale Pesto and Edamame

By On March 13, 2016

This mountain of green goodness is just the sort of super healthy and delicious meal I crave after a slightly indulgent weekend. I made this pimped up version of my pesto and… Read More

Vegan Choc hearts

Vegan Chocolate Hearts with Salted Soft Nutty Centre

By On February 10, 2016

It’s Valentine’s Day at the weekend so I decided to make some homemade chocs for Andy! He’s actually nearly finished them off already but that’s ok, right? I needed him to taste… Read More

Mushroom barley risotto

Mushroom Pearl Barley Risotto with Caramelised Onions

By On February 6, 2016

The inspiration for this recipe comes from an amazing new pop up restaurant I went to the other night.. We had the tasting menu and the highlights for me where; roasted Jerusalem… Read More