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Choc, almond & banana granola (gluten and refined sugar free)

Choc, almond & banana granola (gluten and refined sugar free)

By On September 28, 2016

Buckwheat is gluten free, naturally high in plant proteins and has a delicious nutty texture and flavour which is perfect to make this crunchy nutty granola.… Read More

Salted Peanut Butter Buckwheat Cookies (Vegan & Gluten Free)

By On December 18, 2015

How cute are these salted peanut butter Christmas cookies? Not only are they really easy to make, they’re vegan, gluten free and taste yummy. The cookies are slightly sweet/savoury which I love. The cookies… Read More

Roast carrot pancakes

Leftover Roast Carrot Pancakes (Gluten Free)

By On December 8, 2015

Leftover Christmas Veg Series I’ve created some recipes for using up Christmas veg and leftovers – there’s always a few spare sprouts, right? I’ve made three recipes using lovely organic veg to support the Soil Association #organicchristmas campaign.… Read More

Cacao buckwheat granola

Spiced Cacoa Buckwheat Granola (Gluten Free)

By On November 22, 2015

It’s been a while since I made my last batch of buckwheat granola; why I wonder as it so easy to make and tastes great. Definitely worth it. I decided to add… Read More

Banana buckwheat cookies

Banana Cacoa and Buckwheat Cookies – Vegan and Gluten Free

By On October 11, 2015

Inspired by the gorgeous rye and cacao cookies I had at Copenhagen airport I created these banana, cacao and buckwheat cookies. Ok so I’ve used buckwheat instead of rye because I love… Read More

Carrot pancakes

Carrot Buckwheat Pancakes

By On August 2, 2015

I’m wrote this post in Wholefoods on Friday after a fun afternoon sampling lots of salads and smoothies, I had half an hour to kill before heading to London Bridge to meet… Read More

Avocado kale pesto chickpea

Avocado Kale Pesto with Crushed Chickpea’s

By On May 20, 2015

I’m posting this from beautiful Catalonia, we’ve finally made it to our place in the Spanish mountains – not been here since Christmas and it’s good to be back. Feeling more relaxed… Read More

Banana granola

Baked Banana and Pecan Granola

By On April 26, 2015

My first job after Uni was working in a breakfast cereal company, they made a variety of cereals including muesli’s and granola’s. My particular favourite was an unbelievably delicious Banana Granola. I can distinctly remember the taste of it’s sweet bananay goodness –… Read More

Smashed avocado on buckwhat flatbread

Smashed Avocado and Roast Chickpeas on a Buckwheat Flatbread

By On March 15, 2015

I don't think you can beat the combination of avocado, chickpeas and flatbread! The delicious creamy avocado works so well with the slightly crispy chickpeas, peppery rocket and wholesome flatbread.… Read More

Buckwheat granola

Maple & Pecan Buckwheat Granola

By On February 5, 2015

Buckwheat is gluten free, naturally high in plant proteins and has a delicious nutty texture and flavour which is perfect to make this crunchy nutty granola.… Read More

Beetroot pancakes

Beetroot Buckwheat Pancakes with hummus and red cabbage slaw

By On January 31, 2015

The colour is amazing, bright pink and super vibrant. I topped the beetroot pancakes with my scrummy homemade hummus and crunchy red cabbage slaw. Yum!… Read More


Vegan Pizza with Buckwheat & Chia crust

By On January 24, 2015

This buckwheat chia pizza is so good! It's full of flavour and is packed full with healthy plant based proteins such as buckwheat, pumpkin seeds, pine nuts and super healthy and fibre… Read More

Buckwheat pancake

Buckwheat Pancakes with hummus

By On December 27, 2014

Buckwheat pancakes are my favourite - a cross between a pancake and flatbread. I regularly eat them for breakfast with whatever dips I have in the fridge.… Read More

Banana pancakes with Maple syrup

Yummy Banana Buckwheat Pancakes

By On December 27, 2014

These healthy banana buckwheat pancakes are my husband’s favourite, so I made them this morning for a special Valentine’s day breakfast in bed. I can understand why he loves them so much, they are really… Read More