About me

Niki Webster - Rebel Recipes My name is Niki and I’m a freelance blogger, recipe creator, food stylist and photographer and IIN Health Coach in training.18 months ago when I started Rebel Recipes just as a place to share my recipes and foodie passion, I had no idea where my blog would lead me, and it’s amazing it’s now becoming my job and I couldn’t be any more grateful. Earlier in the year I was incredibly honoured to win The Soil Association BOOM Award for Best Food Blog – Such a big achievement for me especially from an organisation I feel so passionate about.

Why Rebel Recipes?

A lot of people have asked me where the name Rebel Recipes came from and firstly it’s because I just loved the name but I’ve always had a rebellious/naughty side and in this case I’m rebelling against fake food, faddy diets in favour of real food. … I would love to demonstrate how easy it is to make real food and show that it’s just as convenient and cheap to make nutritious healthy meals as it is buying a processed ready meal. I want my passion for plant based food to shine through and tempt you in to trying it for yourself. You don’t have to be a vegan or vegetarian to enjoy my recipes, if you love tasty food and if you adore being healthy there will be something here for you. By making your own meal from scratch, you know exactly what goes into it – no nasties, no unnecessary additives, preservatives or refined sugar, together we can rebel against the confusing world of diet fads and get back to simple real foods.

My Recipes

All my recipes are plant based, gluten and refined sugar free. This is because that’s what makes me feel great, everyone is different and there’s no perfect/right way to eat for everyone but I’ve found that a mostly plant based diet, which is light, natural, and organic where possible means that I have found a way of truly enjoying food (without worrying about calories or fat etc) whilst at the same time knowing its doing me lots of good.


My food inspiration

I spent lots of time back-packing around Asia trying amazing local vegetarian food, and I just love; Indian thalis and dosas, Thai flavours, Middle Eastern food, huge mezzes with hummus and flatbread. I adore coconuts – fresh coconuts, coconut water, coconut milk and coconut yoghurt. I first discovered the amazing fresh coconut water in Thailand years ago whilst doing a detox in Samui. We are incredibly lucky to have a small flat in the Catalunya mountains, a real retreat and escape from everyday life. We fly into Barcelona so its just too tempting not to stay over and explore its culinary delights. Spain is not know known for its vegetarian and vegan food but Barcelona has a huge number amazing plant based restaurants! I love it… Lots of my recipes reflect this; spicy curries, lots of pulses, flatbreads, salad, dips, pickles etc food which can be shared and you can see my love for breakfast (my favourite meal of the on my Instagram page)

Photography & food Styling

Creating beautiful images is one of my favourite things to do in the world. I love everything about the process; creating the recipes, cooking, choosing the setting and props through to editing the final images.

Edamame Spagetti with Pea and Avovado Hummus

Health Coach in training

I started studying with the IIN in May as I wanted to enhance my nutritional knowledge. So far I’m loving every minute of it, have learnt loads and I can’t wait to see where this takes me.

Other bits and pieces

I have always loved exercise, running, gym classes, hiking, climbing, cycling, Insanity, you name it. I love feeling strong and fit and if I’m feeling low I don’t think anything can beat hiking in the mountains, especially in beautiful Shropshire, where I grew up. I’m very lucky to have a super talented husband who is not only a very creative designer and digital marketeer, he also teaches kids Martial arts and is a qualified yoga teacher.