Fresh Asian Salad with Peanut Tofu & Rice Noodles

All this crazy hot weather calls for something fresh and light. I don’t know about you but I always start thinking about citrus flavors and in particular asian salads with tons of crunchy raw veg, fresh herbs and zingy dressings.

I know that for some people it feels wrong eating salad in winter or big bowls of comfort food in the summer – But if my body tells me I need raw food when it’s cold I’ll do it. And I always want big pots of warming curries and soups. That said – we’ve had such crazy amounts of sun this week that even for me who thrives in warm weather,  it’s taken its toll. So I decided to make this lovely light and fresh crunchy salad with delicious peanutty marinated tofu and silky rice noddles. It totally hit the spot!


My delicious salad is made from crunchy carrots, cucumbers, spring onions and lots fresh herbs. Then served with rice noodles, crispy marinated peanut tofu with toasted peanuts & cashews. The combination of crunchy veg, gooey noodles and crispy nutty tofu is seriously good.

Depending on how much time you have you can give the tofu a quick marinade – around 30 minutes or if you have more time you can marinade overnight for extra flavor – but who has time for that ????.

And of course you need the add some crunch so I topped everything with handfuls of toasted peanuts & cashews.

Enjoy x



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